Your summer activities in Vallouise

Hikes, trail, climbing, via-ferrata, mountain biking, cycling, mountaineering, canyoning, kayaking: for all and for all levels

All experiences are possible
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Your summer activities in the land of jewelers


To consult on the Randos du pays des ecrins website !!

Dozens of hikes are available to you from our house.
We are located in particular on the GR54 - "Tour de l'Oisans et des Ecrins", as well as on the red route of Via Alpina - portion R128 .
From 0 to 2000 m elevation, youcan walk alone or with family on the iconic hikes of our valley: the White Glacier at 2542 m or the Eychauda lake at 2538 m above sea level.

But many lesser-known paths will be advised, the playing field is immense ...

Climbing & Via Ferrata

Ailefroide, the last village at the top of our valley, is a Mecca for French climbing and mountaineering. Ailefroide offers more than 120 large routes of 100 to 500 m in length, boulder routes of all levels, but also several rind sites and schools.

Apart from this mythical site, you will find many sites also in the valley and surroundings, to consultHERE . Near the house we recommend the Traverses site .

If climbing seems difficult to grasp, you may want to try the Via Ferratta, which are walls built as a natural site, equipped with steps or ladders, with a continuous cable allowing you to walk in complete safety. Most of the sites are open access but it is imperative to be equipped with the necessary security equipment, for rent anywhere in the valley at low cost. The closest to us is the via ferrata of the Ailefroide torrent .

All the professionals of the valley are of course there to guide you in your first lengths

MTB & Cycling

Our valley has 160 km of marked mountain bike paths !!! You can easily prepare your outings according to your level and your criteria.

Professionals are available both for the rental of bikes, electric or traditional, as well as to accompany you on certain routes with formulas adapted to each group.

Whitewater and swimming

You can enjoy several rivers and streams in the valley and choose between rafting , canoe-rafting, hydrospeed, kayaking, or canyoning ... the Eaurigine team is waiting for you!
If you prefer a quieter swim , you can go to the municipal swimming pool of Pelvoux.
It is an outdoor swimming pool, equipped with 2 pools (a large pool and a pool for children), a slide and asolarium to relax after a refreshing bath.
Or spend an afternoon at the edge of the Roche de Rame lake , about fifteen minutes away, set up on a small beach for swimming in shallow water. A play area for the little ones and the possibility of paddling, and eating a snack on site make it an appreciable place.

Paragliding and other activities

Why not fly around the area by paragliding with the PollenParapente team from Pelvoux or Puy Saint Vincent? Guaranteed sensations!
Do you prefer activities in contact with animals?
Le Ranch de Vallouise welcomes young and old riding fansfor horseback rides or hikes of a few days, and short hikes with battered donkeys to relieve you of your bags. Children can also find their happiness during lessons or pony courses.
The MushingAddict team introduces you to towed cani-hiking as well as your children from 6 years old, or cani-cross for the more athletic. Your children will be able to learn the craft of musher during an afternoon where they will meet the pack of sled dogs, go on a cani-hike to the clearing dedicated to the agility course, and they will help in the feeding of the dogs. at the end of the day.

The professionals of the valley accompany you in these experiences

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Photo credits: T. Blais - R. Hugonin