What to do in the summer around Clot Saint Joseph?

Come and explore the many marked hiking trails in our valley. We are located on the GR54 - "Tour of Oisans and Ecrins", as well as on the red route of Via Alpina - R128 portion going from Monêtier-les-Bains to Vallouise. You can walk along the Wave, or following the Gyr, or discover lakes of altitude, such as Lake Eychauda . From Madame Carle's Pré parking, you will walk to the Glacier Blanc refuge at an altitude of 2542 m, without special equipment.

You can check out more hiking trails onRando Ecrins our on Geotrek .
We sometimes also make some traces to follow us on Komoot !

The bottom of the valley, 5 km away, is home to the village of Ailefroide, which goes from almost deserted and inaccessible in winter to several hundred mountaineering and climbing enthusiasts in the summer. High place of international mountaineering, and second highest mountain site in France, Ailefroide offers more than 120 major routes from 100 to 500 m high, courses of blocks of all levels, but also several sites of rinks and schools, which makes it accessible to a very wide audience, from beginner to confirmed.

Hikers wishing to experience the thrills of climbing will be able to venture on via ferrata. A via ferrata is a course built in the rock wall and equipped with cables, steps or ladders, which allows to walk in complete safety. Our valley counts not less than 7 via ferrata, some including several courses of different levels. The closest to us is via ferrata from the Ailefroide stream .

You can opt for a much more fun walk: geocaching . This mix of scavenger hunting and orienteering involves using the GPS technique to search for or hide "caches" or "geocaches" in various locations around the world. A typical geocache consists of a small waterproof and resistant container, including a register of visits and sometimes one or more "treasures", usually worthless trinkets.If you take the item in the box, drop another item of the same value and write it on the register. Sign up for free on the geocaching website. Have a good treasure hunt !

The Gyr, which runs just below our house, will delight water sports enthusiasts. You can enjoy several rivers and torrents of the valley and choose between rafting, canoeing, hydrospeed, stand up paddle, airboat, kayaking, or canyoning ... or enjoy a good fishing trip.

If you prefer a quieter swim , you can go nearby to the swimming pool of Pelvoux. It is an outdoor pool, equipped with 2 pools (a large pool and a pool for children), a slide and a solarium to relax after a refreshing bath. Or, spend an afternoon at the edge of the water body of the Rame Rock, about fifteen minutes, built a small beach to swim in shallow water.A playground for the little ones and the opportunity to go pedal boating, and eat a snack on the spot make it a nice place.

Discover the area by bike or mountain bike from the house on the track along the Gyr. A mountain bike area with 160 km of marked trails will make you discover our valley. You will enjoy chairlifts to climb to the top of the ski resorts of Pelvoux and Puy Saint Vincent and let you slide on the slopes through the meadows or woods.

Why not fly over the surrounding paragliding from Pelvoux or Puy Saint Vincent? Guaranteed sensations!

Do you prefer activities in contact with animals?
The Ranch de Vallouise welcomes big and small fans of ridingfor horseback rides or hikes of a few days, and small hikes with donkeys to relieve you of your bags. Children will also find their happiness during lessons or ponies.
Go back down and team up with a sled dog to experience cani-hiking . The MushingAddict team introduces you to towed hiking and your children from 6 years, or cani-cross for more athletic. Your children will be able to learn the profession of musher during an afternoon where they will meet the pack of sled dogs, go cani-rando to the clearing dedicated to the course of agility, and they will help the feeding of the dogs at the end of the day.

You can do some of these activities with the experienced professionals of the Bureau des Guides in Vallouise or Ailefroide.