Discover Pelvoux-Vallouise and its surroundings

Vallouise is one of the 7 valleys that crisscross the Parc des Ecrins. Its unspoiled landscapes invite you to immerse yourself in nature and come to meet the many animal and plant species that live there. Of these, some are characteristic of mountain ranges in general, others are specific to the Alps and others are listed in a small part of the territory. Among these thousands of species, let us focus on a few.
* The butterfly Isabelle or stained glass butterfly, discovered in France in the Hautes-Alpes in 1922. It is a very rare species that we can see flying in the evening in June in the pine forest of Ailefroide which is one of the last forests to shelter it.
* The blue thistle or "The Queen of the Alps". The Deslioures Biological Reserveis a must, nestled in the superb Vallon du Fournel, to admire in July the bloom of this beautiful species with bluish and purplish colors. It is on almost 40 hectares that "the Queen of the Alps" has taken up residence. Such a concentration is unique in Europe and has earned the ranking of the "Natura 2000" zone.

All year round, the Maison du Parc welcomes you to Vallouise, and presents you with a fun and interactive permanent exhibition on the heritage of the valley.

Heritage and history lovers will be able to visit the Vauban fortifications of Briançon and Mont-Dauphin . The forts and citadels of these two major sites were listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 2008.

You can dive into the bowels of the Fournel valley to visit the old silver mine and make a leap into the nineteenth century. The visit begins with the reception at the Mining Museum at L'Argentière-La Bessée.